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Office supply store named in suit after 4-car accident

A woman has brought a lawsuit against an office supply store in West Virginia after being involved in a four-car accident. The suit is also against the driver who allegedly caused the car accident in the first place. He was working for the office supply store at the time of the crash. The name of the store is Ashland Office Supply Inc.

The woman was driving her personal vehicle on W.Va. 152, heading in a northbound direction. Behind her, the second driver was also on the same road, going in the same direction, in a vehicle that was being owned and operated by the office supply store. The second vehicle slammed into the back of the woman’s car, starting a wreck that drew two other vehicles in as well.

The woman is now suing both the store and the driver on the grounds of negligence. She says that the other driver was not able to keep control of his vehicle, that he did not properly keep an eye on the traffic around him and that he did not keep a safe distance behind her car.

She wants to get compensation for the damages to her vehicle and for the injuries that she suffered in the wreck. She also wants to get a return for the court costs.

Those involved in accidents that were caused by vehicles that are owned by companies and corporations should know what legal rights they have. They may be able to pursue compensation not only from the at-fault driver, but also from the company for which that driver was working at the time of the accident. If the business can be held liable, this can significantly change the scope of the lawsuit.

Source:  The West Virginia Record, “Lavalette woman blames office supply store for wreck” Matt Russell, May. 23, 2014

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