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Fatal truck accident kills newlywed wife, husband hospitalized

When truckers accept a load to haul, they must make sure that the load is secure. Failure to do so can lead to the load shifting or sliding, which can lead to serious injuries. A recent accident that happened on I-64 in West Virginia is proof that even the slightest oversight by a truck driver regarding his load can have catastrophic consequences.

The fatal accident occurred when a steel beam that was being carried on a tractor-trailer came loose. It crashed into a motorcycle that was on the roadway below I-64 where the semi-truck was traveling. The front of the motorcycle was ripped off by the crash.

The woman who was on the motorcycle died as a result of the injuries she suffered in the terrible accident. Her husband, who was also on the motorcycle, is in the hospital in critical condition. He suffered life-threatening injuries in the fatal truck accident.

The couple had only been married a month, and now the man has to learn to continue on without her if he survives his injuries, which include a crushed pelvis. On top of the emotional pain he will endure, he will also have to deal with physical pain caused by his injuries. Since he will likely require significant medical care, he might also have to worry about those bills coming in along with other bills, such as his wife’s final expenses. Those financial issues might be complicated by his inability to work while he is recovering.

Accidents that are caused by someone else’s negligence are difficult to deal with, but the victims of those accidents have the right to seek compensation for their injuries. If a person dies due to an accident caused by someone’s negligent actions, the family members might opt to pursue the compensation for damages.

Source: The Herald Dispatch, “Woman dies after freak accident“, June 30, 2014

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