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Shoulder fractures resulting from car accidents

Many West Virginia car accident victims suffer from broken bones as a result of their collisions. Broken bones often put victims out of work for weeks while their fractures heal. Joint fractures, including shoulder fractures, can be particularly burdensome, often requiring surgery, physical therapy or other treatments to heal.

Three bones make up the shoulder: the upper arm, the clavicle and the shoulder blade. Of the three, the upper arm and clavicle are the most likely to break in car accidents. The shoulder blade is covered by a thick layer of muscle and skin and is usually only likely to break in car accidents involving especially high velocity.People who have fractured shoulders may notice pain and swelling in the area, grinding sounds when they try to move the joint, limited movement and other symptoms.

Most fractures to any of the bones in the shoulder do not require surgery. However, surgery is often necessary in cases where a bone is crushed or breaks through the skin. Depending on the severity of the injury, surgeons may need to place hardware such as screws, rods or other pieces to repair it. People with broken shoulders often have trouble returning to normal for weeks or months after healing. They may need a physical therapist to guide them through exercises to restore their flexibility and strength. The cost and recovery time associated with healing from shoulder fractures leave many car accident victims with medical bills and lost wages that total thousands of dollars.

While any injured person’s priority should be getting well, many victims worry about their finances and how they will provide for their families. Personal injury attorneys may be able to provide injured people with information about their eligibility to file personal injury suits against negligent drivers or their insurance companies.

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