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Is Your Insurance Company Engaging In Bad or Illegal Behavior?

You’d likely be hard-pressed to find a driver in the Huntington area who enjoys paying insurance premiums. However, in addition to being legally required, most drivers also recognize the importance of having insurance. After all, if you’re involved in a traffic accident and don’t have insurance, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for car repair and medical expenses.

While car insurance companies frequently tout the benefits of their coverage packages and how their rates are lower than those of other competitors, none of that matters if an insurer doesn’t fulfill the terms of the policy you signed and unnecessarily delays payment, fails to pay you the full amount to which you are entitled or flat out denies your claim.

If you are involved and injured in a car accident, you may require both immediate and ongoing medical attention and care. You may need to take time off of work or may suffer disabling injuries that make it impossible to return to work. As the medical and other bills start piling up, you need to know that your insurance company will honor your policy’s coverage terms.

If, after filing an accident claim, your insurance company engages in any of the following actions, an insurer may be violating the terms of your policy as well as state laws:

  • Fails to investigate your claim
  • Delays making a decision with regard to your claim
  • Informs you that your injuries are not covered under your policy
  • Offers you an unfair settlement amount
  • Incorrectly informs you that you failed to pay your premiums
  • Cancels your coverage

While drivers are constantly reminded to avoid speeding tickets and any other driving violations or infractions that may raise their insurance premium rates or make it difficult to obtain coverage, it’s important to note that insurance companies must also hold up their end of a contract.

If you are concerned about your insurance company’s actions, or failure to take action, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney who has experience handling bad faith insurance claims.

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