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Will your work history affect your disability claim?

If you are unable to work due to a significant medical condition, you likely have major concerns regarding your ability to support your family and pay for daily expenses. At this point, you may wish to file for Social Security benefits, but without a qualifying work history, you may not be able to secure benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance.

Fortunately, you are not out of options. West Virginia applicants who are unable to secure SSDI benefits may be able to apply for another type of support, Supplemental Security Income. Like other types of benefits, the application process can be quite complex, and you may require assistance to secure the benefits to which you have a rightful claim.

Disabled individuals without a qualifying work history

In order to secure SSDI benefits, a person must have a qualifying work history, including enough time working for a job covered by the Social Security system. Those who do not qualify for these benefits may be eligible for basic benefits through Supplemental Security Income if they meet some of the following requirements:

  • Disabled
  • Unable to work
  • Limited or no income
  • Assets totaling less than $2,000
  • Resident of the United States

Essentially, by proving that you have significant financial need and a disability that precludes you from working, you may have a viable alternative to SSDI benefits. Any completed application for SSI benefits should come with documentation and proof of disability.

What to expect from the application process

Applying for benefits through the Social Security Administration is rarely an easy process. In fact, most claims first come back denied. If you are filing for SSI benefits, you will find it greatly beneficial to seek help as you deal with any appeals or complications that may arise. The process is confusing, but with an experienced legal ally on your side, you can have help with the following aspects:

  • Gathering necessary documentation
  • Completing initial documentation
  • Appealing a denied claim
  • Protection of your rights

A mental or physical disability may keep you from working, and your work history may keep you from securing SSDI, but you still have rights and options. In order to fully understand your entitlements and to ensure a full protection of your interests, you would be wise to get the legal help you need as early as possible in the application process.

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