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Have you noticed these signs of nursing home neglect?

When a loved one falls ill, suffers severe mental decline or otherwise becomes in need of extended care, you certainly want to make sure he or she receives the proper care. While you may wish that you could help provide that care, your own life and obligations may not allow you the time and energy to do so. As a result, a nursing home facility often becomes the next best option.

Many people go into nursing homes every year to receive the care and attention their conditions require. Of course, it can feel difficult to place the care of someone you love into the hands of other people. However, remembering that these staff members are professionals may have helped you feel more at ease. Unfortunately, over time, you may have noticed some concerning aspects that led to you suspect neglect.

Signs of nursing home neglect

When anyone of any age suffers from neglect, the effects can prove immensely damaging. An elderly or otherwise disabled person who cannot properly care for him or herself alone could quickly suffer negative health effects due to neglect. If you notice any of the following signs in your loved one or the facility, you may need to raise concerns regarding neglect:

  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Significant decline in mobility
  • Poor hygiene, including long nails, dirty clothes, unkempt hair and dental issues
  • Psychological changes, including depression, anger and an unwillingness to talk about their daily lives
  • Injuries, including broken bones or head injuries due to falls

When nursing home staff members do not do their parts to ensure that each resident is properly taken care of, individuals may attempt to complete tasks on their own that they do not have the ability to, which could easily result in a fall. They may also end up wearing the same clothes for days because they cannot change themselves.

Your loved one may even show signs of malnutrition if he or she has not received proper meals or assistance with eating those meals if needed. Malnutrition can cause myriad health and other issues, and your loved one could suffer significantly.

Addressing neglect

If you notice any of the mentioned signs or other issues that have caused you to feel concerned over your loved one’s well being, you may want to take action. If your loved one has already suffered from neglect, you may also want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation for those damages.

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