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What types of distraction make West Virginia’s roads dangerous?

Distracted driving is a problem not only in West Virginia but in every other state as well. There are any things that can take a driver’s attention from the task at hand, including technology that now comes standard in many cars. Despite the many things that can distract, drivers are still responsible for making smart and safe decisions behind the wheel. 

It may be beneficial for you to learn about ways you can protect your interests and stay safe on the road. Statistics about distracted driving are sobering, and if you suffered injuries in a collision, it is possible that you are the victim of distracted driving. It is possible for victims of this type of negligent and reckless behavior to hold liable parties accountable and seek appropriate restitution for their suffering.

Sobering facts about this serious problem

Despite the fact that many people already know and understand that distracted driving is dangerous, people continue to engage this type of risky behavior. In fact, statistics indicate that most drivers admit to engaging in some kind of distracted activity while behind the wheel.

According to a recent survey from DriversEd.com, distracted driving is a plague across the country. This survey polled almost 1,500 drivers from all backgrounds and income levels into order to better understand how distraction plays a role in how most people drive. Consider the following facts from this survey: 

  • There is reason to believe that distracted driving is a worse problem than drunk driving is at this time.
  • Texting while driving is a problem, but millions of people are watching Netflix and YouTube while driving.
  • As many as 54 percent of drivers admit to texting while driving, and many also admit to checking their social media status while driving as well. 

If you are a victim of distracted driving, you may think there is nothing you can do. There are ways you can hold liable parties accountable and seek the compensation you deserve, and it can be beneficial for you to take quick action to learn more about these options.

Seeking recovery after an accident 

Like drunk drivers or drugged drivers, distracted individuals are responsible for the harm they cause to others. If you think you may be a victim of distracted driving, it can helpful to work with an attorney experienced in complex injury claims and familiar with how to investigate accidents related to distraction.

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