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Preventing accidents while driving in winter weather conditions

In West Virginia, winter often brings freezing rain and snow, which can lead to hazardous driving conditions. It can be tricky to drive safely in the snow, and many people do not know how to do it safely. As a result, snow and other types of winter weather lead to an increase in car accidents.

It is often best for people to simply avoid driving in the snow when possible. However, there are some who will have to commute and travel in the snow, and it is the responsibility of each driver to be cautious and careful. It may be beneficial for every motorist in the state to review winter driving tips and how to stay safe while commuting and traveling during the winter.

Safety during dangerous driving conditions 

When driving in the snow or after freezing rain accumulates, one of the most beneficial tips for drivers is to assume every road is icy. It is often impossible to see ice on a road, and this assumption will lead drivers to proceed slowly and carefully. Whether you have decades of experience driving in the snow and ice or you are a brand-new driver, it may be prudent to review the following tips:

  • Be especially careful when driving over bridges and overpasses — assume there is ice.
  • Drive slowly, brake carefully, and take your time when turning.
  • Look out for patches of black ice, usually a little darker than the rest of the road.
  • Plan ahead in case there is traffic, so it will not be tempting to drive quickly because you are running late.
  • Do not use cruise control while driving in the snow and ice, and do not drive overconfidently simply because you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive.
  • Try to only drive on roads you know authorities have already cleared.

Simply driving cautiously and proceeding carefully can greatly reduce the chance of an accident when driving in potentially dangerous conditions.

What happens if there is an accident?

When drivers are reckless or choose to speed during snowy or icy conditions, it can lead to serious or even fatal accidents. If you are the victim of a negligent driver, you have the right to seek financial compensation through a civil claim, no matter what the weather conditions were at the time of your accident. If you do not know where to begin, a smart place to start may be to simply seek a complete evaluation of your case.

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