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Blind spots are important to check when driving

Driving may be an activity that you do almost daily. Most West Virginia residents do commute to work, take their kids to school or run out to make sure they get the grocery shopping done while they have the time. In fact, you may consider driving a relatively mundane activity.

Unfortunately, many people on the roadways have this attitude toward driving and feel as if their actions behind the wheel are second nature. However, driving and even riding in a vehicle are dangerous activities, no matter how many years of experience you have behind the wheel. If you forget to carry out a simple action like checking your blind spots, you could wind up in a serious accident.

What are your blind spots?

Practically every vehicle has blind spots, or spots where it is difficult for you to see the vehicles around your vehicle. Though you undoubtedly always use your rearview mirror and side mirrors to keep track of other travelers, those mirrors do not catch every part of the road. Unfortunately, if you try to change lanes or merge onto a highway, you could easily collide with another vehicle if you do not properly check your blind spots.

How do you check your blind spots?

Checking your blind spots is a relatively easy action. When preparing to change lanes or merge, you will want to use your turn signal so that other drivers anticipate your action. You then want to check your mirrors for any vehicles close by, and before changing lanes, you will want to do a quick glance over your shoulder to make sure that no vehicles are in your blind spot that your mirrors may have missed.

You should always maintain a firm and steady grip on the steering wheel with both hands and make sure that you do not take your eyes off the road in front of you for too long. Of course, advances in technology allow many newer vehicles to have blind-spot detection features that can alert drivers to vehicles in these spots. Still, technology is not always perfect, and it is wise to rely on your own sight to double check.

Did someone else forget to check blind spots?

Unfortunately, some drivers do not always take the necessary precautions when driving, and another person may have forgotten to check his or her blind spots and collided with your vehicle. This type of collision may have resulted in serious injuries to you. If so, you may want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation for damages resulting from the crash.

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