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If another driver hits you on a foggy West Virginia roadway

You might be one of many West Virginia residents who have lived in this state your entire life. Then again, you might be among those who have relocated here for work or because you wanted to get married and raise a family amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains or other scenic regions in the state. While it's true that there are many beautiful sites and amenities for visitors and permanent residents, there are also several risks involved with traveling in mountainous areas.

Fog can be dense in West Virginia. This can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you're sharing the roadway with a distracted, drunk or otherwise negligent driver. Fog safety includes making common sense decisions while you're driving. The problem is that not all motorists maintain caution and alertness at the wheel. If a negligent driver causes a collision and you suffer injury because of it, it's critical to know what your options are regarding insurance, medical bills and other expenses associated with the incident.

Tips for driving safely on foggy roadways

Not only can fog be dense in West Virginia, it often comes on quite suddenly. The following list provides practical ways to increase your driving safety and hopefully avoid collision:

  • Always slow down, even if posted speed limits allow you to go faster. During fog, when roads are slippery or it's raining or snowing, etc., it's always safer to travel at slower speeds.
  • While many people think they should turn on their high beams as soon as they encounter fog while driving, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, using high beams in fog can greatly reduce your visibility.
  • During dense fog is definitely not the time to multi-task. It's best to avoid talking on the phone, even if you're using a hands-free device, or doing anything else that takes your mental, visual or manual focus off the road.

It may even be better to turn off your radio while navigating foggy roadways. The less distraction around you, the better. Unfortunately, you may do everything right but a nearby driver who is negligent can still impede your ability to arrive safely to your destination. If an accident occurs and you suffer injury, your highest priority is getting medical attention as soon as possible. Beyond that, many injured accident victims pursue litigation to seek financial recovery for their losses against those whose negligence caused their injuries.

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