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Is weed killer a dangerous consumer product?

For years, manufacturers of weed killers and similar chemical products have faced scrutiny regarding the safety of their products. There is a lot of debate over how safe these chemicals are for the average consumer to handle. There have also been instances where consumers have actually brought legal action against these companies because they claim it caused them to develop cancer. 

If you are someone who has used these products in your own yard or in your own home, you may wonder if you could be at risk as well. One man recently brought a new lawsuit against the maker of Roundup, a weed killer he used on his own property for decades. He now claims that long-term exposure to the chemicals in the product led to the development of cancer in his lymphatic system, specifically non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

Is Monsanto to blame?

The claimant received his cancer diagnosis in 2018, after which he joined with other concerned and sick consumers in legal action against the maker of Roundup. The lawsuit names Monsanto, a large company that makes various different types of consumer products, as the liable party. They say that this company offered a potentially dangerous product to the public even though the corporation knew it would be harmful to some users. 

The lawsuit specifically claims that the company willfully and recklessly endangered the public with this product. Supposedly, Monsanto knew that one of the main ingredients in Roundup, glyphosate, is dangerous for humans. There is also a potential link between this product and the development of cancer.

Are you at risk, too?

While these claims are alarming, the company claims that it is not to blame for a person’s cancer. The statement from Monsanto emphasizes that they have done diligent testing and research, and all testing indicates that glyphosate herbicides are safe for use by consumers. With over 40 years of research, the company claims that they are confident Roundup does not contain something that could cause cancer.

Options for concerned consumers

If you believe you suffered harm because of a dangerous consumer product, you have the right to seek compensation through a civil claim. It is possible to hold liable parties accountable for harmful products that led to a person’s injury or illness. This can be a complex process, which is why you may want to discuss your concerns with a West Virginia products liability attorney.


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