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Signs of nursing home abuse are not always so obvious

When West Virginia residents place their loved ones in nursing homes, they do so because they know that they can’t provide the care their loved ones need at home. Nursing homes offer an opportunity for people to live in a comfortable space while getting the supportive medical care that they need. When things go as planned, it’s a wonderful setup. When things don’t go as planned, it can lead to major trauma for the nursing home resident. Nursing home abuse is a very serious issue in this country, and knowing the signs can help prevent your loved ones from becoming victims.

What are some signs of nursing home abuse?

Many people think that signs of nursing home abuse are obvious. They’re looking for bruises, scratches or other obviously visible signs that show that something is amiss. Unfortunately, there are other signs of nursing home abuse that are not quite as visible or obvious.

Dehydration is a major sign of nursing home abuse. If your loved one has dry, crepey skin, dry lips, sunken eyes, sleepiness or irritability, you may be looking at signs that your loved one is dehydrated. This is usually the case in nursing homes that are not feeding their residents or providing them with hydration on a regular basis. This is a very serious issue that can cause a medical emergency.

Another hidden sign of nursing home neglect or abuse is if your loved one seems nervous around you or flinches when you come near. Those could be signs that your loved one is being hurt when you’re not around.

Make sure to ask them what is going on when no one from the nursing home staff is around. Always pay attention to your hunches. It’s better to be wrong and your loved one is safe than to be wrong and your loved one is in danger.

Where can someone go for help with nursing home abuse?

People who are suffering from nursing home abuse or who have loved ones who are possible victims may benefit from reaching out to lawyers who work with this type of case. They may be able to do everything from investigating the home to helping you get your loved one into a safe environment.

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