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West Virginia roads: opportunities, yet challenges for motorcyclists

Motorcycle riding is more than a mere hobby or pleasant pastime for most bike enthusiasts. Candidly, it is literally the keys to freedom and a pursuit that is prized and engaged in for a lifetime.

It also turns out to be comparatively risky.

And for obvious reasons.

Drivers and other occupants in passenger cars and trucks closely share the road with bikers, but with this notable distinction: They are enveloped in a shell of steel and safeguarded by a progressively expanding array of on-board safety features.

Motorcyclists of course lack those same protections. Instead, their behind-the-wheel experience prominently conveys a heightened risk owing to their sheer vulnerability.

The results of that vulnerability are often dire and predictable in adverse road outcomes. One established West Virginia personal injury legal source underscores that, noting that accidents involving bikers “tend to be catastrophic and result in serious injuries to the motorcyclist.”

Putting it in perspective: motorcycle accident statistics

A national insurance organization recently provided research data relevant to motorcycle accidents spanning the country in recent years. Here are some telling takeaways:

  • Nearly 5,000 crash fatalities in 2018 (extrapolated, that spells a double-digit death toll on average every day of the year)
  • Glaring overrepresentation of biker fatalities when compared with other vehicle conveyances (motorcycles being a mere 3% of all registered conveyances, but their riders being 14% of all traffic deaths)
  • Stunning revelation that motorcyclists “are 29 times more likely to suffer fatalities than car passengers”
  • Statistics revealing the occurrence of bikers’ serious or catastrophic injuries in close to half of all accidents

A notably troubling point concerning motorcycle crash causes

Motorcycle riders’ laxity or problematic driving behaviors are often spotlighted as primary accident causes, but informed crash investigations often reveal another leading contributory factor.

That is third-party behind-the-wheel negligence. Candidly, other drivers cause accidents in legions of cases, with behaviors like these being prevalent:

  • Drunk or drug-impaired driving
  • Speeding, tailgating and improper lane changing
  • Failure to lawfully yield
  • Distracted driving (comprising a virtual universe of dangerous activities like texting, dozing off, eating, grooming, playing with kids/pets and more)

Motorcyclists may be comparatively vulnerable in traffic, but they are far from powerless in seeking a post-crash legal remedy. A proven personal injury legal team can help them establish accountability and pursue a remedy geared toward maximum compensation relevant to multiple needs.

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