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The back seat is more dangerous than the front seat for adults

You probably grew up hearing that the front seat is the most dangerous to be on during a car crash. Some people even call the front passenger seat the “death seat” because of this common belief. However, the increasing car technology has changed things. The so-called “death seat” has become the safest seat for adults during a car crash, as it has safety technology that the back seats lack.

Front seat technology

In the past, the front seat passengers were most likely to die in a car crash than those in the back seats. However, back then, those seats lacked the technology that they have today. Front seats now have front, side and knee airbags that prevent the passenger’s body from contacting hard structures in the vehicle during a collision. Additionally, front seats have seatbelts that tighten automatically to reduce the impact of the crash. The back seats don’t have these advancements, and because of that, the front seat has become the safest seat for passengers aged 55 or older.


Technology is not the only reason why the front seat is safer for adults. As you may know, seatbelts save thousands of lives per year, and those who don’t wear them are at more risk of getting seriously injured in a crash. Despite the known benefits of wearing seat belts, most adults don’t bother buckling up when they ride in the backseat. However, they do worry about wearing one when they sit in the front. Seatbelt use is one of the leading reasons that the front passenger seat is considered the safest for adults.

Safety for children

Car manufacturers have not made as much progress in the back seats. However, these seats are still the safest for children 12 and younger. This is because airbags are too strong for a small child to handle, and inflating airbags can injure them severely or even cause their death.

Protection in a car crash

Some seats are safer than others, but the possibility of getting an injury while driving does not come down to where a person sits. Drivers must obey traffic laws to avoid getting into a severe car crash. Ultimately, the only way to ensure that a person is safe is by driving responsibly at all times.

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