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Forms of nursing home abuse

Placing your loved one in a nursing home is a major decision and one that you want to be sure is in their best interests. The home you choose for your elder holds a lot of power over them, as the staff at the nursing home are responsible for your loved one’s entire livelihood.

With so much responsibility, it begins to make sense how one in six adults suffers from nursing home abuse. There are many different ways in which the staff at a nursing home can harm your loved one, and it is important to know the types of abuse that can happen.

Emotional abuse

This form of abuse can happen in many ways. A caretaker may verbally assault a resident, prevent guests from seeing them, or say things to embarrass or shame them. Prolonged exposure to this kind of abuse can cause a person to experience depression, anxiety and confusion.

Physical abuse

There is no excuse for a resident to put their hands on a nursing home resident aggressively. Physical abuse can happen even if the staff member didn’t strike anyone. Roughly handling or pushing a patient can cause them to fall, suffer bruising, and even experience skin ruptures.

Sexual abuse

When a resident is suffering from this kind of abuse, they may become aggressive toward the staff or their family, exhibit wild personality changes, and develop antisocial behavior. This kind of abuse can also happen to any resident, so do not assume your loved one is immune from it.


When a nursing home resident is suffering from dementia or other mental illnesses, they are in a vulnerable position around staff who might want to take advantage of that. Staff members may exploit these residents by taking their money or valuables without the resident remembering anything.


Abuse can happen to a resident without anyone else even being in the room. When the staff chooses not to give a resident the attention they need, it can be a serious problem for someone who is unable to move on their own or does not have the physical or mental capacity to take care of themselves. Neglect can result in infection, bruising, and malnutrition.

What you can do to stop it

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from a form of nursing home abuse, contact an experienced attorney today. Filing a claim against a nursing home can hold them accountable for their neglect and hopefully keep this kind of abuse from happening again.


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