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Did your collision result in a permanent disability?

The word ”total,” typically refers to ”all” of something. Another word, which is ”permanent,” suggests something that will last a lifetime. If you have been involved in a West Virginia motor vehicle collision, the force of impact from the other vehicle may have resulted in an injury that caused a total and permanent disability. Learning to live and function on a daily basis with a condition that impairs or totally prevents independence can be quite challenging, as well as emotionally traumatic. 

The U.S. government has multiple programs that provide financial aid to those with certain disabilities. Each program has its own eligibility requirements, which is why it’s imperative to research a specific program before submitting an application. If you have suffered a lifelong impairment that prohibits you from being able to work, you may able to collect benefits that provide for your financial needs.  

Your injury might affect your physical or mental health 

A motor vehicle collision can cause many types of injury, not only including those that affect your physical body, but, also, your mental health. If your condition makes you unable to earn an income and is expected to last a year or more, or it is a life-threatening condition, you might fit the category for total and permanent disabilities, which would make you eligible for financial assistance. 

A qualified, licensed professional must diagnose your condition 

A physician, psychologist or other licensed professional must document diagnosis of your physical or mental condition in order for you to qualify for disability benefits. This documentation must show evidence of a consultative examination or treatment for the specific condition you are listing on your disability benefits application.  

Impaired ability for work, daily living, relationships and more 

If you have a total and permanent disability, it not only prevents you from being able to work. It might also impede your ability to dress or feed yourself or to carry on a typical social life, such as going out with friends, dating or actively participating in a marital relationship.  

When another person’s driving negligence has caused a collision that resulted in a total and permanent disability, you may not only be entitled to apply for disability benefits, but to seek restitution through the civil justice system as well. A survivor of a collision may request financial recovery for losses by filing a legal claim against the person deemed responsible for the collision that resulted in damages, including but not limited to a permanent physical or mental disability.  

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