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Car Accidents Archives

When negligence causes you to be injured in a car accident

Sometimes, a car accident happens from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of the time, even if this is the case, the accident took place because of another driver's negligence. You could be going about your day, driving along, and get into a serious accident at the fault of another person on the road. You may have suffered serious injuries, leaving you worried about how you will recover, return to work and replace or fix your vehicle.

SSDI: What happens after the accident?

Whether it was a car accident that left you with severe back pain, or a work accident that left you with head trauma, if you are unable to work, you are likely feeling a financial crunch. Personal injury settlements and worker's compensation can only cover your expenses for so long before you find yourself wondering how you are going to pay the mortgage, your car payment and your electric bill.

Is Your Insurance Company Engaging In Bad or Illegal Behavior?

You'd likely be hard-pressed to find a driver in the Huntington area who enjoys paying insurance premiums. However, in addition to being legally required, most drivers also recognize the importance of having insurance. After all, if you're involved in a traffic accident and don't have insurance, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for car repair and medical expenses.

I've been in a traffic accident. What should, and shouldn't, I do?

A car accident can be frightening, but knowing what to do after a traffic accident happens can help you feel more in control. Making good choices after an accident, no matter who is at fault, can also help protect your interests and reduce your risks of suffering financial losses.

Debris cause of many auto accidents

With the Labor Day holiday fast approaching, many West Virginia residents are planning their last big summer weekend getaway. These mini vacations often include road travel which brings to mind the many dangers that people can face on area roads. People who choose to drive after drinking or while distracted by cell phones or other objects are known to cause several crashes that should never happen.

Proposed changes to state DUI penalties causes concern

Drunk driving has long been and continues to be something that claims lives and leaves too many people grieving the loss of loved ones unnecessarily. West Virginia residents have seen a variety of different laws concerning drunk driving over the years. Now, new legislation is making its way through both the State Senate and the State House of Representatives. These two bills are SB534 in the Senate and HB4525 in the House.

What do you do after a car crash?

Immediately following a car accident in West Virginia, you might be feeling confused and overwhelmed. How do you talk to the other driver and handle the insurance claims? What should you do to protect yourself legally as well as physically?

Report highlights pedestrian dangers

Throughout the year, people can be seen walking or jogging on sidewalks or along the side of the road nearly anywhere that there is traffic. Drivers often forget that motor vehicles are not the only type of transportation to share the roads. As a result, pedestrian accidents are a cause of great concern for residents of West Virginia, as well as across the country.

Holiday safety campaign in WV addresses interstate dangers

Safety campaigns are an effective tool for law enforcement and local governments to raise awareness on traffic dangers and other issues. These campaigns can be especially beneficial during certain times when people face more hazards than usual. Many car crashes occur in West Virginia and across the country during the winter holidays, when people may face poor weather conditions, drunk drivers and other dangers as they travel to visit relatives and friends.

Bad weather conditions and negligence: a recipe for car accidents

For modern fighter pilots in combat, among their training and experience are two axioms: that sometimes just getting back to base alive can be counted as a victory of sorts, and the other being that most of those who get shot down never see what hit them. In a way, driving a car can be much the same. There are times when simply reaching your destination is something to feel grateful for, because when lighting or weather conditions become adverse it can be difficult if not impossible to see what's coming at you.


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