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What To Do If You Are Hospitalized From A Car Accident

The trauma and injuries resulting from a car accident are enough to deal with on your own. But if you are confined to a hospital for a period of time after your accident, you will have additional concerns: Will you get paid for the time you miss from work? Will you be able to pay for your medical bills or repairs to your car or other property?

Luckily, there are ways to navigate these issues. But unless you talk to a personal injury lawyer before dealing with the insurance company, you may end up settling for less than the full amount of what you deserve.

When You’re Injured, Silence Is Golden

Insurance companies exist to help you pay for your expenses in the event of an accident or injury. That all sounds fine and good while you’re healthy and fit. But when you’ve actually been injured and need settlement money, you quickly find out to what extent insurance companies are, in fact, companies with an interest in the bottom line. Insurance companies also know that when you’re injured, you are vulnerable and likely need the money right away. It’s exactly at this time that they’ll likely make a quick offer of a lower amount than what you deserve. Don’t sign anything at this time and don’t say more than you need to when speaking to the insurance company.

Call Us Before Agreeing To Anything

Speak with a lawyer before you talk to the insurance company. By doing this, you make sure any settlement you receive will reflect a fair and full accounting of the expenses your accident has thrust upon your life. In the Huntington area, call 304-247-9396 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney at Duffield, Lovejoy & Boggs, Attorneys at Law.