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Posts tagged "Social Security Disability"

A denied disability claim is not the end of the road

The inability to work, provide for your West Virginia family and pursue a successful and fulfilling career is frustrating, but you may find yourself even more discouraged to learn that your application for disability benefits did not receive approval. This is certainly a setback, but this is not the end of the road for you.

SSDI: What happens after the accident?

Whether it was a car accident that left you with severe back pain, or a work accident that left you with head trauma, if you are unable to work, you are likely feeling a financial crunch. Personal injury settlements and worker's compensation can only cover your expenses for so long before you find yourself wondering how you are going to pay the mortgage, your car payment and your electric bill.

Can I get SSD for a mental health disorder?

West Virginia residents who think about Social Security Disability Insurance many generally only think of it in relation to disabilities that are physical in nature. However, many people may be unable to work and support themselves due to mental disorders. In some cases, Social Security Disability benefits may be available to help provide necessary income at these times.

Qualifying for SSD in West Virginia

West Virginia residents who become disabled and no longer able to work and earn their livings commonly look to disability as a vital source of income. Americans are fortunate to have the disability option but understanding the process of qualifying for it is important. Disability benefits are granted based upon a clearly defined set of rules. Not everyone who applies for disability can guarantee that benefits will be approved.

What are concurrent disability benefits from Social Security?

Are you one of the many West Virginia residents who are unable to work because of a serious injury or illness? You are not alone. No matter the reason for your situation, you likely need to learn about the options available to you for financial assistance. If you were injured on the job, workers' compensation may come into play. But, if you have been disabled due to a medical condition not related to your job, for example, you may need other help.

How to qualify for Social Security Disability

If you are experiencing a situation that leaves you facing the inability to work, you may wish to consider filing for Social Security Disability. Like other people in West Virginia, this could happen as a result of a workplace accident, a medical diagnosis or some other event or situation. Regardless of what causes your disabled status, you will need to meet Social Security's criteria for being determined officially disabled. This designation is required in order for you to receive Social Security Disability.

What is the difference between SSD and SSI?

Like other West Virginia residents who find themselves unable to work due to a disabling condition, you may need to learn what financial assistance is available to you in this situation. The Social Security Administration offers two different programs and understanding the difference is important as each one is intended for different needs.

Part 2: Can an adult child receive SSDI benefits under you?

Last week, we discussed receiving Social Security benefits for a minor child who is disabled. You may have a child with a disability that will make him or her dependent on you for life. If this is the case, is it possible for you or your child to receive adult benefits that may assist in lifelong care? Fortunately, Social Security disability insurance benefits may be available in West Virginia if your child is still disabled after reaching the age of 18.

Social Security benefits for disabled children, part 1

If you are caring for a disabled child, you may be stressed beyond the breaking point, especially if finances are a problem. At the offices of Duffield, Lovejoy, Stemple & Boggs, Attorneys at Law, we have heard from many clients in West Virginia experiencing this same situation. We understand the nuances of Social Security law, which may allow you to receive benefits for a disabled child.

Social Security Disability subject to significant delays

Social Security disability benefits are intended to help people who cannot work due to long-term or permanent injuries or other conditions to replace part of the income that they can no longer earn. But an unpleasant secret of the Social Security disability system is that although it sounds good in theory, actually getting to the point where the benefits become available can be a long, frustrating ordeal that can take months or even years to wade through.


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