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Tragedy can occur when loved ones wander from nursing homes

When your parent began to show signs of dementia, it may not have surprised you, especially if Alzheimer's runs in your family. You may have done your best to take care of your dad or mom while you could, knowing that, eventually, he or she would need more extensive attention. Finding a nursing home was a logical solution.

What to do if you are confronted with nursing home abuse

It is a sad fact that those individuals who are most often the victims of abuse are those individuals who are least capable of preventing it. This is generally the case with nursing home abuse. It is unfortunate that any elderly individual is subject to abuse and it is even more unfortunate that elder abuse is more common than many people think.

Research highlights need for vigilance against elder neglect

In the past several decades, more and more West Virginia families have had to move loved ones into care facilities. Whether long-term care homes or nursing homes, these moves are commonly necessitated by aging. However, it is also important to remember that inherent in the reason for these moves is the need to keep elderly people safe. Sadly, that does not always happen. Many an elderly person has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

Understanding bedsores

West Virginia residents who have elderly or disabled relatives that require physical care and perhaps even placement in nursing homes know how hard it is to find the right help that they can trust. With reports of nursing home abuse or neglect popping up all around the nation, it is understandable to be concerned that this could happen. Neglect of a nursing home resident can take many forms. The formation and lack of treatment of bedsores may be a form of nursing home neglect.

Woman's nephew alleges abuse at nursing home

West Virgina residents who are concerned about the nature of care that their loved ones in nursing homes receive have good reason to pay close attention. With too many reports of abuse or negligence, the health and life of elderly people can literally be on the line. Whether in an assisted living or a rehabilitation facility, problems can arise and leave innocent people suffering instead of thriving or recovering.

Appeal indicates evidence should be allowed in new trial

Many people in West Virginia today have experienced the need to take care of an elderly parent or other relative or at least know people in such a position. When a loved one requires care beyond what can be provided at home, the need arises to select a nursing home or other facility in which a person can live.

How serious is elder abuse in nursing homes?

Do you have a family member who lives in a nursing home or other long-term care facility? Have you been concerned about or suspected that your loved one may have been abused or neglected in some way? Sadly, you are not alone. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, a whopping 33 percent of nursing homes in the United States have received citations for various violations.

Understanding elder neglect in West Virginia

Like others throughout the country, most West Virginia residents have personally experienced the need to care for an elderly relative or know someone who has. The challenges involved in taking care of an aging parent, grandparent or other relative are many. When family members do not live near their relatives, an additional level of problem can be added because of the limited ability to check on loved ones in person. With a great many reports of neglect at nursing homes and other care facilities, people have good reason to be concerned.

How to identify the warning signs of elder abuse

For families with loved ones' in nursing homes, being able to identify the warning signs of elder abuse is critical.  While many West Virginia assisted living facilities take great pride in caring for their patients, there is always the possibility that mistreatment is taking place behind closed doors.

Bed sores in nursing home patients

From falls to medication mistakes, nursing home residents face numerous threats to their health and safety while under the care of others. One of the most common types of nursing home injury is bed sores. Whether the result of neglect or of deliberate abuse, West Virginia senior citizens can suffer a great deal from this terrible type of injury.


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