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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Background checks to prevent elder abuse to begin by 2016

When you go to the bank and deposit your hard-earned money, you have some expectation that your bank has carefully screened any employees it has hired to ensure that they won’t mismanage your money or steal it. But what if an applicant had embezzled money and even served prison time in another state but the bank only checked to see if he or she had any criminal record in West Virginia? Would you feel that your money was secure?

What is the Residents’ Bill of Rights?

An assisted living facility or a nursing home is not a place where the elderly are sent to in order to simply be warehoused until they die, or a place to be forgotten, neglected and in worst-case situations abused. This is the intent that underlies the federal 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law, which applies to West Virginia.

Nursing home injury: a serious and underreported problem

Advances in medical knowledge about nutrition general health care mean that the lifespan for an American living in West Virginia is now the longest it has ever been. This good news means that it is realistic to anticipate that people can live into their 70s, 80s or even longer. But this good news is not necessarily unalloyed. Those who make it to old age may reach a point when they can no longer adequately care for themselves and need to be placed in an assisted living facility. And sometimes this can lead to dangerous, even deadly consequences if neglect or physical abuse is taking place there.

Nursing home neglect and abuse: we can help

Despite the sputtering economy nationally and in parts of West Virginia, there are a few fields of employment that have seemingly bright futures. Given the overall aging of the population because of longer average life spans, health care -- and especially assisted-living and nursing home care -- is one such growth industry. But as with any field that experiences growth, making sure that those who engage in it are doing the right thing when it comes to their customers is sometimes difficult to ensure.

The extent of nursing home neglect and abuse

If an elderly West Virginia resident can no longer care for themselves, their family members may decide to move them into a nursing home. However, nursing homes are often coming under fire due to allegations of abuse and neglect of the residents in their care. A report that was released on March 16 demonstrated just how common abuse and neglect may be.

Elder abuse in residential care facilities

Elder abuse and neglect are troubling issues that may concern family members whose loved ones reside in a nursing home. A study conducted by Cornell reviewed factors that were involved in the escalation and causation of abuse. West Virginia residents may be surprised to learn that many instances of abuse are actually caused by a fellow resident as opposed to a staff member.

West Virginia nursing home accused of negligent death of resident

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a West Virginia nursing home in relation to her mother's death. Genesis Healthcare as well as several related companies, management services and numerous 'John Does' was listed in the lawsuit. The complaint alleges corporate negligence in relation to the death of a woman back in February 2013.

West Virginia woman says nursing home fatally neglected mother

A West Virginia woman claims her mother was fatally injured while in the care of a nursing home. She filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility and its administrator on Sept. 9.

West Virginia nursing home sued over patient's death

A woman has filed a lawsuit accusing a Hilltop nursing home of negligence in the death of a relative. The suit, which was filed Aug. 27 in Kanawha Circuit Court, seeks wrongful death damages against Genesis Healthcare LCC and its various entities.

West Virginia man sues nursing home for negligence

Authorities recently reported that a Kanawha County man representing his father's estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Emeritus Corporation and its administrator, citing negligence. The suit was filed on July 30 in Kanawha Circuit Court. The Emeritus Corporation does business as Emeritus at Charleston Gardens, which is the nursing home where the Kanawha County man's father lived immediately prior to his death.


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