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Helping Electrical Burn Victims Recover Compensation

At Duffield, Lovejoy & Boggs, Attorneys at Law, our mission is helping injured people and the families of fatal accident victims rebuild their lives.

We work hard to help victims of electrical accidents get medical care and full compensation for their financial losses and suffering. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to faulty wiring or a defective product, call us today at 304-247-9396.

Advocates For Injured People

Our Huntington electrical injury attorneys have more than 70 years of combined experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. We will act quickly to protect your rights and initiate legal action on your behalf, investigating the accident, determining its cause and seeking compensation from all possible sources.

Before becoming an attorney, Thomas Boggs worked as a master electrician. Mr. Boggs and the other members of our team will put their knowledge and experience to work for you.

Low-Voltage And High-Voltage Electrical Injuries

When it is not fatal, an electrical accident can cause serious injuries. An accident involving low-voltage electrical current can result in burns. A high-voltage accident can cause burns and damage tissue and nerves beneath the skin. In addition to causing severe burns, a high-voltage electrical accident can release large amounts of tissue pigment and hemoglobin into the bloodstream, stressing and possibly overloading the victim’s kidneys. In both low- and high-voltage accidents if the accident victim is working from an elevated position, he or she could be knocked to the ground, resulting in head injuries or broken bones.

At our law firm, we put a priority on helping our clients obtain the financial resources that can pay for needed medical care. Our lawyers will work with your doctor or other medical specialists to learn about your medical needs and then seek funds for those costs as well as compensation for all other economic and noneconomic losses.

Contact A West Virginia Electrocution Injury Attorney

To schedule a free consultation about an electrical accident case, contact Duffield, Lovejoy & Boggs, Attorneys at Law, in Huntington, West Virginia.

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