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West Virginia Reminds Motorists To Be Alert Near School Buses

As the summer starts to wind down, many students are starting to realize their summer vacations are coming to an end. Before too long, they will be heading back to school to start their routines all over again. While some might be excited about the beginning of another school year, some may dread another year of homework and early mornings.

Many parents in West Virginia rely upon school buses to transport their children each day. The majority of these trips will occur without any incidents; however, school bus safety is a major concern in the state. A recent survey by the West Virginia Department of Education showed that there are approximately 600 vehicles that pass school buses illegally each day.

This has led the agency to remind motorists about the dangers of distracted driving around school buses. Many children will be walking to and from the buses, either running to catch the buses or to parents on the side of the road. Some of these children might forget to be sure that the roadway is clear, and run into the street before looking both ways. If drivers are not paying attention, it is possible that the children may be injured in pedestrian accidents.

There are specific rules that drivers must adhere to when they are sharing the roads with these vehicles. Drivers approaching or following a school bus with red lights flashing and stop sign displayed must come to a complete stop until the signals have been turned off. Once the bus begins to move again, motorists may proceed with caution.

If drivers try to pass the bus while the lights are flashing, they may receive a very costly ticket if observed by law enforcement. If their actions result in an accident that causes injury to a child, the motorists could be facing felony charges, which may lead to jail time.

If a loved one has been injured while boarding or leaving a school bus, or if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident while stopping for a bus, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case. An attorney can help you present your claims for compensation against those who caused the accident.

Some motorists can easily become distracted when traveling through a school zone, which jeopardizes children and other motorists in the area. In these cases, it is important to carefully study the location where the accident occurred, and find any witnesses who may have seen what happened. The testimony of these individuals might be extremely important should the matter end up going to trial.

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