A Successful Law Firm Isn’t Built With Bricks And Mortar ― It Is Built With Hardworking Attorneys

When you suffer a serious personal injury that leaves you unable to work or in need of expensive medical treatment, you need an established law firm in your corner ― you need Duffield, Lovejoy & Boggs, Attorneys at Law. As lifelong residents of West Virginia, we know our people, and we understand what is important to you and your family. Like many of you, nothing was ever handed to us ― we've had to fight for everything.

When our law firm burned to the ground several years ago, we didn't miss a single day of working for our clients ― even meeting them the very next morning. After all, our clients still needed our help regardless of the problems we were facing. This is the level of commitment we continue to bring to every single case, so contact us today if you need experienced, dedicated legal guidance.

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