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Blind spots are important to check when driving

Driving may be an activity that you do almost daily. Most West Virginia residents do commute to work, take their kids to school or run out to make sure they get the grocery shopping done while they have the time. In fact, you may consider driving a relatively mundane activity.

Unfortunately, many people on the roadways have this attitude toward driving and feel as if their actions behind the wheel are second nature. However, driving and even riding in a vehicle are dangerous activities, no matter how many years of experience you have behind the wheel. If you forget to carry out a simple action like checking your blind spots, you could wind up in a serious accident.

Is your loved one under chemical restraint?

Finding an appropriate nursing facility in West Virginia for your parent was not easy, but if you were finding it more difficult to manage your loved one's Alzheimer's or dementia symptoms, it may have been for his or her own good. Aggression, agitation, wandering and sudden changes in emotions are symptoms many dementia patients exhibit. Without the training to deal with such behaviors, you lack the skills to keep your loved one safe.

When you went to the nursing home to visit your parent, you may have been surprised to see your loved one calm and sedate. Perhaps your parent slept through most of your visit or seemed lethargic. This may not have alarmed you at first since dementia symptoms can be unpredictable. However, if you noticed the same lethargy and sleepiness time after time, you may be concerned that the nursing home staff is using chemical restraint on your loved one.

Types of accidents and how to stay safe

Car accidents happen all the time, and even minor collisions have the ability to irrevocably change the life of a West Virginia victim. Whether you are the victim of a low-speed fender-bender or a catastrophic collision, you may need assistance walking through the aftermath of your accident. Every accident is different, and no two recoveries are the same, but you have the right to fight for what you need to get better and move forward.

It may help to understand common types of car accidents and how to stay safe. Understanding the different types of collisions may prove helpful if you are the victim of an accident and are looking to understand your legal options. Each person is responsible for the choices he or she makes behind the wheel, and it is possible to hold the liable party accountable if you are the victim of another person's negligence or reckless behaviors.

Did you experience setbacks with your disability claim?

When you are dealing with an injury or a sickness that makes it difficult or impossible for you to work, you may struggle with earning a living. Individuals who are unable to hold gainful employment because of a physical or mental condition could be eligible for benefits through the Social Security Administration. If you cannot work, you could have a rightful claim to this type of support.

Upon completing your claim, it can be surprising to learn that the SSA did not approve your claim. In reality, many initial disability claims come back denied, even when a person has a valid medical condition. This is not the end, however; you can appeal and continue your pursuit of rightful benefits.

Was your insurance claim unjustly denied?

Having insurance can help many West Virginia residents feel more at ease. Rather than worrying about how you will pay for repairs or medical bills in the aftermath of a serious accident or another disaster, you feel somewhat comforted by the fact that your insurance policies cover at least a portion of what you may need to spend.

You understand that having insurance is a give-and-take relationship, which is why you pay your premiums on time. While you may have hoped that you would avoid any incident that may present the need to file an insurance claim, you were not so lucky. Whether your home sustained considerable damage as the result of a natural disaster or you suffered injuries in a car accident, you called on your insurance to be there for you. Were they?

Have you ever wondered what type of crashes happen most often?

Part of remaining safe on West Virginia's roadways involves understanding what can go wrong. Of course, no one has a way to predict what will happen when he or she gets behind the wheel.

Even so, there are certain driver behaviors that lead to common accidents. The more information you have, the better prepared you may be if you see the signs of a potential crash coming your way.

New technology could be the answer to distracted driving

West Virginia readers know that distracted driving continues to be a serious problem, both in the state and across the country. Despite laws, safety awareness campaigns and other efforts, many drivers still make the choice to engage in dangerous behavior when behind the wheel. Distraction is one of the leading threats to the safety and well-being of all motorists.

Lawmakers have tried to pass laws to curtail phone use by drivers, and other groups have put considerable effort into educating people about the dangers of distracted driving. However, the true answer to this seemingly unfixable problem could lie in technology. You may ask yourself, does it make sense to fix a problem related to technology with more technology? The answer to this question may be AI.

Should Congress pass laws that require trucks to drive slower?

West Virginia motorists share the road with trucks all the time. These large, heavy vehicles play a vital role in the transportation of goods and products across the country, but they can also pose a great danger as well. This is because trucks often cause significant damage when involved in accidents with smaller vehicles.

Safety advocates believe there are specific measures that could drastically reduce the number of overall truck accidents. These groups believe that lower speeds would help significantly, and for this reason, they are asking Congress for help. These groups want lawmakers to pass regulations that would require large trucks to use certain devices that would control their speed. 

Warning signs that your loved one may be in harm's way

If your loved one is in a West Virginia nursing home, it is likely because he or she is no longer able to safely live alone or care for himself or herself. It is never an easy decision to place a loved one in this kind of facility, but when you do, it is with the assumption that he or she will get help, support and quality care. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

No matter how much research you put into your decision or how confident you feel about the quality of the facility you chose, it can still be helpful to know the signs of nursing home neglect. When a patient does not get the right amount of care he or she needs, it can have devastating physical, mental and emotional consequences. If you notice something is wrong, you can speak up and take action on behalf of your family member.

How will a brain injury after an accident impact your life?

Traumatic brain injuries affect people in different ways. If you suffered this type of injury in an accident in West Virginia, you know how difficult the effects of these injuries can be. Even a minor head injury can result in damage that can impact various areas of your life.

If you are the victim of a TBI, your recovery can take months or years, and you may not be able to do certain things that you could do before your accident. This type of injury can have both physical and psychological symptoms, and it may be helpful to learn more about this injury and what you can expect. Often, victims may need ongoing support and medical care as they work to get better and move forward. 


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