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New technology could be the answer to distracted driving

West Virginia readers know that distracted driving continues to be a serious problem, both in the state and across the country. Despite laws, safety awareness campaigns and other efforts, many drivers still make the choice to engage in dangerous behavior when behind the wheel. Distraction is one of the leading threats to the safety and well-being of all motorists.

Lawmakers have tried to pass laws to curtail phone use by drivers, and other groups have put considerable effort into educating people about the dangers of distracted driving. However, the true answer to this seemingly unfixable problem could lie in technology. You may ask yourself, does it make sense to fix a problem related to technology with more technology? The answer to this question may be AI.

Should Congress pass laws that require trucks to drive slower?

West Virginia motorists share the road with trucks all the time. These large, heavy vehicles play a vital role in the transportation of goods and products across the country, but they can also pose a great danger as well. This is because trucks often cause significant damage when involved in accidents with smaller vehicles.

Safety advocates believe there are specific measures that could drastically reduce the number of overall truck accidents. These groups believe that lower speeds would help significantly, and for this reason, they are asking Congress for help. These groups want lawmakers to pass regulations that would require large trucks to use certain devices that would control their speed. 

Warning signs that your loved one may be in harm's way

If your loved one is in a West Virginia nursing home, it is likely because he or she is no longer able to safely live alone or care for himself or herself. It is never an easy decision to place a loved one in this kind of facility, but when you do, it is with the assumption that he or she will get help, support and quality care. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

No matter how much research you put into your decision or how confident you feel about the quality of the facility you chose, it can still be helpful to know the signs of nursing home neglect. When a patient does not get the right amount of care he or she needs, it can have devastating physical, mental and emotional consequences. If you notice something is wrong, you can speak up and take action on behalf of your family member.

How will a brain injury after an accident impact your life?

Traumatic brain injuries affect people in different ways. If you suffered this type of injury in an accident in West Virginia, you know how difficult the effects of these injuries can be. Even a minor head injury can result in damage that can impact various areas of your life.

If you are the victim of a TBI, your recovery can take months or years, and you may not be able to do certain things that you could do before your accident. This type of injury can have both physical and psychological symptoms, and it may be helpful to learn more about this injury and what you can expect. Often, victims may need ongoing support and medical care as they work to get better and move forward. 

Preventing accidents while driving in winter weather conditions

In West Virginia, winter often brings freezing rain and snow, which can lead to hazardous driving conditions. It can be tricky to drive safely in the snow, and many people do not know how to do it safely. As a result, snow and other types of winter weather lead to an increase in car accidents.

It is often best for people to simply avoid driving in the snow when possible. However, there are some who will have to commute and travel in the snow, and it is the responsibility of each driver to be cautious and careful. It may be beneficial for every motorist in the state to review winter driving tips and how to stay safe while commuting and traveling during the winter.

Nursing home sepsis should never happen

As your loved one's health declined, you made the painful decision to find a nursing facility where the staff could closely monitor and tend to the needs of this special person in your life. This was an act of trust, and you expected that your loved one would receive quality care, especially if he or she was bedridden or limited in the ability to care for his or her own needs.

The tragic fact is that thousands of nursing home residents in West Virginia and other states end up hospitalized after infections turn septic. Because of the already fragile health of these patients, many do not survive the septic infections, even after aggressive treatment. Is your loved one at risk of spending his or her the last days of life suffering because of a negligent nursing home staff?

Alcohol affects the body longer than people think

Perhaps you had a couple of drinks with friends after work. You also had some half-off appetizers during Happy Hour and a glass of water. You may think that makes it safe for you to drive, especially if you stopped drinking about an hour before driving home.

In reality, you could still be considered legally drunk even if you don't feel as though you are. Your blood can only metabolize alcohol so fast, and if you have more than one drink an hour, your body can't keep up. You may be among other West Virginia residents who don't realize that alcohol can remain in your system longer than you think.

What types of distraction make West Virginia's roads dangerous?

Distracted driving is a problem not only in West Virginia but in every other state as well. There are any things that can take a driver's attention from the task at hand, including technology that now comes standard in many cars. Despite the many things that can distract, drivers are still responsible for making smart and safe decisions behind the wheel. 

It may be beneficial for you to learn about ways you can protect your interests and stay safe on the road. Statistics about distracted driving are sobering, and if you suffered injuries in a collision, it is possible that you are the victim of distracted driving. It is possible for victims of this type of negligent and reckless behavior to hold liable parties accountable and seek appropriate restitution for their suffering.

Which type of disability benefits is the right choice for you?

Disability benefits are available to certain individuals who are unable to work due specific types of medical conditions or mental impairments. If you cannot work because of your current physical or mental state, you could have a rightful claim to these benefits. It is helpful to understand eligibility requirements and which type of disability benefits is right for you.

The two types of disability benefits are Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance. West Virginia readers may know there are distinct differences between the two, and there are different requirements when applying for either of them. Before you move forward with your claim, you will find it beneficial to understand your rights and the specific options available to you.

6 safety tips for driving after dark

Driving at night is a common activity that you and many others carry out. While you may feel confident in your driving abilities, you may want to remember that driving after dark presents more dangers for any driver than when driving during the day. Just the lack of visibility can cause a number of hazards.

Of course, you likely cannot limit your driving to daylight hours only, and you probably do not want to do that either. Still, you also do not want to end up causing an accident because you did not inform yourself of the risks of night driving and the ways that you could help yourself be safe while on the road after dark.


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