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November 2013 Archives

3 years after traumatic incident, employee gets workers comp

When most people think of workers' compensation claims, they picture a fall off a ladder, a back injury from lifting a heavy object or some type of horrible maiming. However, West Virginia's Supreme Court recently ruled, after years of dispute at lower levels, that a United Parcel Service driver who was hijacked and subsequently suffered post-traumatic stress disorder was eligible to receive workers' compensation.

Man sues employer, coworker after work accident

When a person is injured while working, workers' compensation can help a person stay afloat financially during the recovery period. However, sometimes workers compensation is not enough, or the injury is so severe the worker cannot immediately return to work. In cases when the workplace injuries are severe or there was carelessness on the part of someone else, further legal action is taken. Cabell County readers may be interested in such as case that is happening now.

Fatal accident caused by truck driver surfing the Internet

Thanks to multiple studies and informative public safety campaigns, most people have a rather solid appreciation of just how dangerous talking, texting or surfing the web while driving can actually be.

Residents suffer fatal weekend in West Virginia

On Friday, Oct. 25, a serious accident in Berkeley County took the life of a 29-year-old motorcycle rider. Later that night, another accident in Pendleton County took the life of a 52-year-old driver and left another two individuals with serious injuries. Both of these accidents involved a single vehicle.

Red Bull hit with major wrongful death lawsuit over energy drinks

If you were to enter virtually any convenience store here in West Virginia -- or across the entire nation -- and walk to the back coolers, chances are very good that you would find an entire section devoted to energy drinks. This product, while still relatively new on the beverage scene, has nevertheless become the drink of choice for many people, particularly teens and young adults. While retailers continue to stock their shelves with energy drinks, there is growing concern among the scientific community that these beverages may not be entirely safe. To illustrate, consider that the Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that as many as 18 wrongful deaths could be linked to energy drink consumption between 2004 and 2012, while a federal study conducted in 2009 linked them to 13,000 emergency room visits.


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