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May 2014 Archives

Office supply store named in suit after 4-car accident

A woman has brought a lawsuit against an office supply store in West Virginia after being involved in a four-car accident. The suit is also against the driver who allegedly caused the car accident in the first place. He was working for the office supply store at the time of the crash. The name of the store is Ashland Office Supply Inc.

Workers' compensation claim gets man fired, lawsuit alleges

When a worker gets hurt on the job, he might decide that he needs to file a claim for workers' compensation. While many of these claims are made by workers without incident, a recent lawsuit in West Virginia shows that employers sometimes may react inappropriately to the claims.

West Virginia Car accident leads to lawsuit against hotel

People who are driving to and from work might drive in an unsafe manner in an attempt to get to work or back home as quickly as possible. Trying to rush for any reason while you are driving can lead to accidents. Those accidents might cause damage to personal property. In some cases, they might lead to injuries or deaths. A recent lawsuit filed in West Virginia alleges that a hotel employee caused an accident that led to a man being injured.

West Virginia widow files lawsuit against nursing home for death

When a loved one gets injured at home and seeks medical care, both the patient and patient's family members have the right to expect that the hospital and other medical facilities involved in the patient's care will offer proper treatments for the patient. In some cases, sensitivities to medications are discovered during the care. When that occurs, proper documentation of the sensitivity and orders for avoiding the medication are usually standard.


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