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3 things to NOT do after a car accident

Driving through West Virginia can be a pleasant experience, especially if you have the opportunity to travel along some scenic roadways. Whether you’re in a rural part of the state or in a busier section where there’s lots of traffic, an uneventful or pleasurable road trip can turn into disaster if a nearby driver is driving while distracted or intoxicated at the wheel. If a car accident occurs, it’s important to know what to do, as well as what not to do.

This blog post focuses on three critical issues you’ll want to avoid if you are involved in a car accident in West Virginia. Remember to closely monitor your health in the weeks that follow a collision and to seek medical attention if new symptoms arise or your recovery is not progressing.

Do not do these things after a car accident

Every case is unique, and recovery following a motor vehicle collision often hinges on several issues, including severity of injuries. The following list, however, shows common issues you’ll want to avoid whether you were involved in a minor fender-bender or a more serious car accident:

  • Never become involved in a confrontation with another driver or occupants of a vehicle.
  • Don’t decline medical attention when professionals recommend it.
  • Do not forget to gather evidence and document the incident, including taking photos of injuries and property damage.

In addition to physical injuries and property damage that may occur, being involved in a car accident is also emotionally traumatic. A situation can go from bad to worse if you engage in conflict with other motorists or passengers who were involved in the incident.

Many injuries may have delayed symptoms after a car accident

It’s not a good idea to decline medical attention following a collision, even if you believe your injuries are minor. One reason it’s best to seek medical attention is that some injuries may be internal and require specialized testing at a hospital to diagnose them. A physician might recommend that you watch for certain symptoms, which may experience a delay after a crash, such as signs of whiplash.

Seeking medical attention following a West Virginia car accident helps gather evidence because medical workers will document your admission to the emergency room and record of your condition will be logged into their computer. This record may be necessary if you later decide to seek restitution for damages. As for conflict with others who may have been involved, such issues can quickly escalate into dangerous situations, which cause additional safety risks and may lead to criminal charges as well. Exchange insurance and contact information, and let investigators handle the rest.

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