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Coping with life after catastrophic injuries

Is it ever possible to achieve a full recovery after suffering trauma to the spinal cord or brain? There is no standard answer to the question because every case is unique. When catastrophic injuries occur because of a West Virginia motor vehicle accident, a positive recovery experience hinges on the type of support available.

If your brain or spine sustains blunt force trauma, such as often occurs when two vehicles collide, the ramifications of the hit can be both immediate and far-reaching. Catastrophic brain injuries might include a skull fracture, cerebral spinal fluid leak or bleeding from the brain.  A severe spinal cord injury might result in partial or full paralysis.

Getting the care and treatment you need after catastrophic injuries

During recovery from collision-induced catastrophic injuries, you might rely on numerous support team members to assist you in your daily living routine. For example, a spinal cord injury can affect your ability to control your bowel or bladder, as well as your ability to breathe properly. Therefore, your support team might include more than just a physical therapist or neurologist.

The care and treatments you need to achieve as full a recovery as possible may come from numerous resources, each of which carries an expense. It can be distressing to not only endure physical pain or loss of mobility after a car accident but to encounter financial strain as well. This is why state laws are in place to allow recovering accident victims to seek compensation for damages.

Remember that you are not alone — support is available

Rather than trying to handle everything on your own (like discussing your case with insurance agents), it is helpful to obtain support from someone who can serve as an advocate on your behalf. It is less stressful to navigate the medical industry, legal system and insurance industry when you have an experienced advocate doing the talking for you.

This enables you to focus on recovery while someone else seeks justice on your behalf and helps you obtain the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled under West Virginia personal injury laws. You might be able to achieve a full recovery, or your condition might have permanent implications that necessitate lifestyle changes and create a need for specialized care for the rest of your life. If another person’s negligence was responsible for your catastrophic injuries, you may have a right to financial recovery for your losses.

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