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Were you injured in a single-vehicle accident?

Single-car accidents take place relatively often. You may have seen your fair share of vehicles that have gone off the roadway, hit utility poles, crashed into guardrails or ended up in other forms of a crash without another vehicle involved. When these incidents occur, people commonly wonder what could have caused them.

A number of factors could contribute to a single-car crash, just as they could a multi-vehicle collision. Drivers could often avoid many of the most common contributors, but because individuals do not always practice the safest measures when behind the wheel, crashes occur regularly.

Common accident-causing factors

Among the most dangerous contributors to single-vehicle accidents is distraction. Drivers often think less and less about the dangers of picking up their cellphones to make a call, send a text or even search something online while driving. Of course, these actions put everyone in the vehicle and on the road at risk. Cellphones are not the only forms of distraction as drivers who attempt any type of multitasking, such as eating, changing radio stations or talking with passengers, face distractions.

Animals in the road can also contribute to these crashes. Most people's initial reaction to seeing an animal in the street is to swerve or slam on the brakes in hopes of missing the animal. However, these actions may not always prove safe, and a driver could lose control, go off the road or experience other negative outcomes while trying to avoid the animal. Therefore, it may be safer to simply hit the animal, though that action can seem callous.

Objects that come flying through the air and strike a vehicle can also cause single-car crashes. Unfortunately, drivers often do not have enough time to realize the objects are coming in order to avoid them. Pieces of blown tires, tree branches, rocks and other debris could cause major damage as well as result in a startled driver potentially losing control.

Fault in a single-vehicle crash

Because many causes of these incidents are avoidable, drivers are often still held accountable for single-vehicle accidents. Therefore, if you were the passenger in a car and suffered serious injuries in a single-vehicle crash, you may still have legal options for seeking compensation from the driver considered responsible. Information on personal injury claims could help you understand liability in these types of events and what steps you could take in hopes of recovering damages.

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