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Defensive driving near harsh braking and accelerating truckers

Any time you are driving on the road in West Virginia, you have to exercise caution. You are also encouraged to practice defensive driving, especially if you are around large trucks. In 2018, there were 4,136 reported deaths due to a vehicle accident with a large truck. This represented a 9% increase from 2017. There is no reason why you need to become a statistic too.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is the practice of driving in a manner that minimizes the possibility of a collision. Tailgating, for example, is a hard no. First and foremost, the driver must remain focused on the road. Do not allow yourself to get boxed in by other cars. If there was a collision in front of you or to your side, you must ensure that there is always an escape so that you can avoid colliding into others.

Harsh braking and accelerating truck drivers

Defensive driving becomes more important on the highway when you are driving among large trucks. Truck drivers are under pressure to make their delivery deadlines. When there are accidents on the road or other obstacles, it impacts their timing and schedule, so if you see a driver who is over-accelerating and braking, he or she is probably under some duress.

Large trucks already take longer than a passenger car to come to a complete stop. If a truck driver has to stop suddenly, it puts the vehicles in front and to the side in danger. The speed limits you see for trucks on the highways were calculated to keep them and others safe. A driver who is not abiding by the speed limit or experiencing lead foot is a danger on the road.

If you get in an accident

If you are in an accident due to a truck driver who was braking and accelerating harshly, you have rights. After you have tended to yourself and your passengers, get off the road safely. Then, call law enforcement. A personal injury legal professional may advise you about seeking compensation for any injuries.

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