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What are your options when your insurance denies your accident claim?

When you suffer a car crash, you suddenly have a lot on your plate all at once. You probably have damage to your vehicle, and you might have an injury too, with everything that comes with it – such as medical bills, missed days of work and so on. At times like these, you need a payment from your insurance company more than ever. It can be incredibly frustrating, then, when your insurance company denies your rightful claim.

This situation happens more often than people think. Fortunately, if your insurance company denies a claim that your insurance contract obligates them to pay, you have options.

You might not need to go to court

Often, when an insurance company wrongly denies a claim, the parties can settle the matter out of court. You could hire an attorney to put the insurance company on notice of your intent to pursue the matter.

If the insurance company doesn’t offer to settle your claim right away, your attorney can present the full extent of your claim to them. They may be willing to negotiate with you to get you the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes negotiations fail, however, and it becomes necessary to go to court.

You can pursue your case in court

Your attorney can raise a breach of contract claim against your insurance company in court. This means that you are seeking compensation because you held up your side of your contract, but they failed to hold up theirs.

You will have to show that you have been making all of your required insurance payments on time, and you can show that your injury was the type of injury covered by the contract. If you show this, then you will be able to prove in court that the insurance company failed to live up to their contractual obligations by denying you coverage.

When your insurance company denies the coverage you contracted for, it can be a frustrating and scary thing. Fortunately, the court system exists to allow people like you to protect your interests and pursue what you are owed.

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