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3 ways to avoid car accidents at intersections

Throughout West Virginia, there are numerous types of intersections on the roadways. Some are “secured,” meaning the use of stop signs, traffic lights or other devices controls traffic at these intersections. You might also come upon an “unsecured” intersection, especially if you travel on rural lanes or highways. Such intersections have no signage or electronic devices to control the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Keeping several things in mind may help you avoid car accidents at intersections.

Intersections are sections of roadway where there is an increased risk for collision. Such risk heightens if there happens to be a distracted or intoxicated driver nearby. A central focus of traffic safety is how to avoid collisions at intersections, which you might be better able to do by implementing certain precautionary measures.

Do not accelerate as soon as your light turns green

If you automatically step on the gas when a traffic light turns green at an intersection, you might enter the crossroads, and another vehicle whose driver has failed to stop at a red light might hit you. You have less risk of a collision if you develop the precautionary habit of pausing to scan all directions when your light turns green to ensure that no vehicle or pedestrian is entering your path.

It is best to develop an overall sense of driving defensively at an intersection. You can be proactive by learning to not rush forward, just because a light has turned green.

Be alert and aware of blind spots

Any number of stationary objects might be present when you approach an intersection. This includes parked cars, trees, light posts and more. Such objects obstruct vision. You have no idea what might be behind a parked vehicle, such as a person who is about to step directly into your path.

To avoid car accidents, it is best to proceed slowly if you do not have a clear view in all directions. This is especially true if you are about to navigate a turn, rather than traveling straight through a crossroad.

Do not battle for right-of-way

The rules of the road in West Virginia and all other states call for yielding the right-of-way in certain circumstances. You might come to a four-way intersection secured by stop signs. If you know that you were first and have the right-of-way, but it looks like another driver is not going to yield, it is always best to just let that person go first, rather than battle for position and risk being involved in a collision.

If you are alert and cautious but a collision still occurs

You might implement every safety measure available and still collide with another vehicle at a West Virginia intersection. Car accidents are often later known to have been avoidable were it not for driver negligence. You have no control over another driver’s behavior. If someone hits you, however, they can be held accountable for damages.

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